Grafted-In Ministries Tape Library

MJAA = Messianic Jewish Alliance of America UMJC = Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations and SynagoguesCPM = Chosen People Ministries
Tape #TitleSpeaker Message Summary
1Messiah '92 MJAA
5Are we the last generationDavid ChernoffAre we living in the Last Days before the return of the Messiah Yeshua? Will we truly be the last generation before all prophecy is fulfilled?
2Messiah '92 MJAA
6Messiah in the Temple OfferingsRay GordettTypology of Messiah in the Burnt offerings, Meal offerings, Peace offerings and Sin offerings
3Messiah '92 MJAA
9America - How Long?Michael WolfIssues of the lack of morality in American society and how this fits in with Last Days issues
4Messiah '92 MJAA
11Why Messianic JudaismAlan LevineHow Messianic Judaism impacts the Jewish world and the role of Gentiles in Messianic Judaism
5Messaih '92 MJAA16Israel's End Time RevivalJoel ChernoffBiblical evidences for a literal end time Jewish revival. Explains what the Bible teaches about the great end time revival
6Messiah '92 MJAA18Was Paul a Messianic JewHoward SilvermanTeaches how a correct understanding of Paul's background, lifestyle and writings show that he lived as a Jew
7Messiah '92 MJAA19The Mystery of MelchizedekJonathan CahnIncredable images that speak of the typoplogy in the priesthood of Melchizedek
8Messiah '92 MJAA24Who owns the landArnold FruchtenbaumThe land promsies given to Abraham are still in effect
9Messiah '92 MJAA27Praise, Prayer, and VictoryJames Morse
10Messiah '92 MJAA35Are you under the Law?Ruth SnowExplains the misunderstanding of the concept of Torah, and how being Torah observant is of great value
11Messiah '92 MJAA36Gentiles in Messianic JudaismFrank LowingerNon-Jewish believers have a very vital role in Messianic Judaism
12Messiah '92 MJAA41Overcoming unforgiveness and shameRobert Cohen
13Messiah '92 MJAA45When Christianity and Judaism seperatedDavid Sedaca
14Messiah '92 MJAA46The feasts of IsraelMichael LaxGives a basic working knowledge of the Biblical feasts
15Messiah '92 MJAA49The TabernacleRobert DiamondTypology and images of Messiah in the Tabernacle
16Messiah '92 MJAA52Sharing Israel's MessiahDennis Richards
17Messiah '92 MJAA53The testing of AbrahamArthur KacThe purpose of Abraham's greatest test - how much do you love God?
18Messiah '92 MJAA56The faith of AbrahamMilt Maiman
19Messiah '92 MJAA59Romans Chapter 11Charles KlugeWhat is the proper relationship of the church to Israel. What does it mean to be grafted-in. Deals with replacement theology
20Messiah '92 MJAA61How to Pray like ElijahBarry Rubin

Tape #TitleSpeaker Message Summary
21Messiah '92 MJAA62The Jewishness of YeshuaMark NeugebauerShows how Yeshua was and is in every way Jewish - in faith and practice
22Messiah '92 MJAA65Bema JudgementKenneth Apren
23Messiah '92 MJAA68The love of GodJerry Keyes
24Northeast Regional '92 MJAA1Erev Shabbat ServiceJonathan Bernis
25Northeast Regional '92 MJAA3One Tree - One Root - Much FruitBarry FeinmanThe oneness of Jew and Gentile in Messiah
26Northeast Regional '92 MJAA10Master secret of evangelismJonathan Cahn
27Northeast Regional '92 MJAA12Hanukkah - History & Yeshua the Light of the world Larry FeldmanExplains the history of Hanukkah and it's spiritual realtionship to Messiah
28Messiah '93 MJAA2The Law and Messianic JudaismJudah HungermanThe meaning of "Torah" and it's relevance for today
29Messiah '93 MJAA3Yeshua & the high priestly garmentsRay Gordet
30Messiah '93 MJAA9Prophetic meaning of SukkotSaul WallachExplains the Feast of Tabernacles and it's future Millenial kingdom relevance
31Messiah '93 MJAA11Is the God of Israel Pro-lifeFrank LowingerShows how both Scripture and Talmud affirm the pro-life positon
32Messiah '93 MJAA14And they shall obtain mercyEdward SantoroA discussion of the unique calling of both Jew and Gentile in the body of Messiah
33Messiah '93 MJAA17Faith vs foolishnessPaul LibermannWhat is true faith?
34Messiah '93 MJAA18Is Torah for today?Barry RubinYes - Torah is a manual for succesful living> What is "Torah"? What does it teach?
35Messiah '93 MJAA31The mystery of the Temple DoorsJonathan CahnHow Scripture contains the mystery of the way back to Paradise for us
36Messiah '93 MJAA36Spiritual Dynamite: Davidic Praise and WorshipJames MorseThe power of Davdic praise
37Messiah '93 MJAA40Practicing the presence of GodJeffrey Forman
38Messiah '93 MJAA43Spiritual warfare in the LandBarry SegalYearly update on what is taking place in Israel from a spiritual perspective
39Messiah '93 MJAA49Shabbat & the Messianic believerNeil LashExposition of various verses that help us understand and benefit from observing Shabbat
40Messiah '93 MJAA50Origins of Jewish traditionsMark NeugebauerExplains various Jewish customs and traditions

Tape #TitleSpeaker Message Summary
41Messiah '93 MJAA56Anti-Messianics: What are they saying?Robert GorelikGives various Jewish arguments for not believing in Messiah - also has a separate study notebook
42Messiah '93 MJAA60Current Messianic trends in JudaismDavid RosenbergNew Jewish expectations of Messiah - the Lubavitch movement
43Messiah '93 MJAA66Current events in light of the ScripturesRobert CohenProphecy is the Newspaper headlines of tomorrow
44Messiah '93 MJAA67Driving out the enemy: Spiritual warfareDennis Richards
45Messiah '93 MJAA68The grace of the TorahRobert Diamond
46Messiah '94 MJAA3Echad: The Jewish & Gentile connectionBarry FeinmanThe Echadness or Oneness of Jew and Gentile in the Body of Messiah
47Messiah '94 MJAA5God's Prophetic Kingdom ProgramJudah HungermanYeshua's use of parables to teach about the Kingdom of God
48Messiah '94 MJAA11Grace & TorahMurray SilberlingExplains how Torah was never intended to make one righteous - but rather how the righteous live
49Messiah '94 MJAA15Plaroma - The fullness of all thingsEdward SantoroVery useful for Gentile in Messianic congregations to understand their role and calling
50Messiah '94 MJAA16Anti-Messianics: Part 1Robert GorelikA study on what the orthodox community says to keep Jews from believing in Messiah
52Messiah '94 MJAA18Putting away childish thingsJonathan Cahn
53Messiah '94 MJAA20Anti-Messianics: Part 2Robert GorelickSecond part of Tape #16. A study guide is available for the series
54Messiah '94 MJAA21The rise & fall of anti-messiahArnold FruchtenbaumA prophetic study of anti-christ (anti-messiah)
55Messiah '94 MJAA28Plurality of GodHoward SilvermanA study on the plurality in the nature of God
56Messiah '94 MJAA32Imparting the blessingDennis RichardsThe power of words of blessing in the family - as seen in the lives of the Patriarchs
57Messiah '94 MJAA37You bring the bagels. I'll bring the gospelBarry RubinSharing Messiah with your Jewish friends and neighbors
58Messiah '94 MJAA42Jewish HolidaysJan RosenbergHow God uses visual aid throughout the Scriptures to reinforce His plans and purposes
59Messiah '94 MJAA54Survey of IsaiahJeffery AdlerA brief but very meaningful survey of the book of Isaiah
60Messiah '94 MJAA57All points to JerusalemBarry SegalYearly update on what is taking place in Israel from a spiritual perspective

Tape #TitleSpeaker Message Summary
61Messiah '94 MJAA58Gifts & talents: The two-edged swordBruce CohenA call to truly and faithfully use our gifts and talents for the glory of God
62Messiah '94 MJAA60Arab-Israeli UpdateDave DolanWhat is going on in Israel - from the viewpoint of born again CBS correspondent
63Messiah '94 MJAA102Sunday EveningJay SekulowAmerica - What legal rights to believers have? Are our rights being taken away?
64Messiah '94 MJAA104Thursday EveningRichard WurmbrandtAuthor of "Tortured for Christ"; shares his testimony
65Messiah '95 MJAA3Daniel : A man of visionJoe Finkelstein
66Messiah '95 MJAA6The fallacy of good and badJudah HungermanThe attempt to differentiate between good and bad has led many into pitfalls and destruction
67Messiah '95 MJAA10Israel UpdateDavid DolanCBS News, CNN journalist - gives an update on what is taking place in Israel
68Messiah '95 MJAA11Presenting our bodies (Rom 12:1)Juli BurkhartForms of worship, Dance as worship, Dance in corporate worship.
69Messiah '95 MJAA12Why Messianic congregations?George HollandA discussion of why Jewish believers in Messiah should be attending and planting Messianic congregations
70Messiah '95 MJAA18Echad: A foundation for victoryStanley EisenbergA study in the Hebrew word : Echad - One
71Messiah '95 MJAA19Parenting: Pain or pleasure?Neil & Jamie LashBiblical pattern for teaching and raising children
72Messiah '95 MJAA20A thread of blue: Touching the hem of His garmentJan RosenbergHow God uses visual aids to teach His people who He is and what He is like
73Messiah '95 MJAA23All signs point to JerusalemBarry SegalYearly udpdate on what is taking place in Israel from a spiritual perspective
74Messiah '95 MJAA29Replacement theologyHoward TockmanHas the church replaced Israel in the plan of God? Is there a future for Israel?
75Messiah '95 MJAA34The mystery of the secret angelsJonathan CahnHow all believers are in some ways angels of God
76Messiah '95 MJAA37Outside the campStephen Galiley
77Messiah '95 MJAA38In a small circle of freindsDavid FleischerThe gentile's role in the messianic movement
78Messiah '95 MJAA45From darkness to lightBob WinerBreaking the stronghold of ancestral spirits
79Messiah '95 MJAA46Understanding current events in the middle eastZipporah Bennett
80Messiah '95 MJAA50The forgotten history of Messianic JudaismRick ChamberlainThe history of the Messianic movement throught the centuries from the first century CE

Tape #TitleSpeaker Message Summary
81Messiah '95 MJAA52First century JudaismBarry RubinFirst century Judaism and its background. It's impact on first century Messianic Judaism
82Messiah '95 MJAA54Believer's guide to spiritual warfareBob CohenPractical gudelines for spiritual warfare
83Messiah '95 MJAA61The attributes of MessiahFrank LowingerFocuses in on the deity of Messiah, the offices of Messiah, and the character of Messiah
84Messiah '95 MJAA108Saturday Evening MessageJay SekulowAre our rights as believers being taken away in America? Is there anything we can do about it?
85Messiah '96 MJAA2Messianic Judaism: Moving Beyond PioneeringBruce CohenParadigm shifts which must be taken by the Messianic movement to effectively fulfill Acts 6:7
86Messiah '96 MJAA4Spiritual WarfareRobert CohenLooks at the book of Ephesians as a ground-breaking book on spiritual warfare
87Messiah '96 MJAA13The Visions of Zechariah for TodayJeff Adler
88Messiah '96 MJAA20The Mystery of the GorenJonathan CahnThe true meaning, purpose, and secret of the Jew and the Gentile - revealed in the book of Ruth.
89Messiah '96 MJAA24Jerusalem in ProphecyBarry SegalYearly update on what is going on in Israel from a spiritual/prophetic perspective
90Messiah '96 MJAA25How to have a happy marriageNeil & Jamie LashA study of the Song of Solomon as it relates to marriages and our relationship to Messiah
91Messiah '96 MJAA36Why do you call Me,Lord, LordBob ChenowithA look at what James develops as the Royal Law of Liberty
92Messiah '96 MJAA37Israel in the plan of GodArnold Fruchtenbaum
93Messiah '96 MJAA40Understanding Biblical JudaismHarvey PermisonThe distinctions between Biblical and Rabbinic Judaism
94Messiah '96 MJAA50Who is the Israel of God?Frank LowingerA study of Galatians 6:16. This workshop seeks to prove that the "Israel of God" is a reference to Jewish believers in Messiah
95Messiah '96 MJAA54Mysteries of the Torah and Haftorah cycleDavid Rosenberg
96Messiah '96 MJAA61Covenant LoveGlen Blank
97Messiah '96 MJAA63The Suffering Servant Concept in the TenachDaniel RabeA study ot the prophecy of Isaiah 53 - and the larger body of prophecies in Isaiah regarding the "suffering servant"
98Messiah '96 MJAA66A Messianic perspective of end times prophecyDavid Chernoff
99Messiah '96 MJAA67God's Messianic Jewish call for GentilesRobert Black
100Messiah '96 MJAA403Be a GuavaMichael WolfTeen Tape

Tape #TitleSpeaker Message Summary
101Messiah '96 MJAA502I am an AlienRivka EpsteinTeen Tape
102Messiah '96 MJAA504I can dance the funky chickenJosh WallerTeen Tape
102Thrsday EveningBruce StokesRob Styler drama and Bruce Stokes speaking on Gentiles in the Messianic movement
10Regathering of IsraelAri Berkowitz
11Value of a Messianic LifestyleRon Corbett
16Balancing Tradition and FaithMichael Schiffman
29Only Genesis: The basis of ScriptureJohn Rankin
MJC 96
51Israel, Torah, and the Holy SpiritDan Juster
109Messiah '97 MJAA2Torah and the New CovenantDan JusterWhat difference does the New Covenant make in applying Torah to our lives?
110Messiah '97 MJAA4God's Messianic Jewish Calling for GentilesRobert BlackThere is an awakening among some Gentiles to be called to living a Biblical Messianic lifestyle
111Messiah '97 MJAA14The birth of Yeshua at SuccotRabbi George Holland
112Messiah '97 MJAA15Coming into the Secret PlaceRabbi Glen BlankThe Tabernacle teaches many lessons about intimacy with God
113Messiah '97 MJAA18The coming war in DamascusJeff LowenthalThis course focuses on the very real possibilty of a soon coming war between Israel and Syria
114Messiah '97 MJAA21The rising God on trialRabbi Jonathan CahnWitness a courtroom drama - is the resurrection true?
115Messiah '97 MJAA26The Art of Praise and WorshipJulie BurkhartA look at various forms of worship - rabbinic and Biblical models, as well as contemporary
116Messiah '97 MJAA27Holy and ProfaneRabbi Harvey Permison
117Messiah '97 MJAA36From Acts to ConstantineDr. Rich SmithIn the book of Acts we see Messianic congregations - but later they disappeared - what happened?
118Messiah '97 MJAA37Who killed JesusFrank LowingerFor years the church has called Jews - Christ killers - but is this the reality of the event?
119Messiah '97 MJAA40Ha-Tslav / The CrossRabbi Bruce CohenGod's solution for our needs
120Messiah '97 MJAA47More Mysteries of the Torah CycleRabbi David Rosenberg

Tape #TitleSpeaker Message Summary
121Messiah '97 MJAA50Yeshua in the TalmudRabbi Harris BrodyEvidence that Yeshua was truly Messiah from the Talmud
122Messiah '97 MJAA57The Chosen PeopleRabbi Ron GoldbergWho are the chosen people? What are they chosen for? How do non-Jewish followers of Yeshua fit in?
123Messiah '97 MJAA61Replacement TheologyRabbi Kevin Lind
124Messiah '97 MJAA106Saturday Night SessionRabbi Robert SolomonFaith
125Messiah '97 MJAA502How to Answer TelephoneAri WallerTeen Tape
126Messiah '97 MJAA504Condition RedCandyce GarciaTeen Tape
127Messiah '97 MJAA506Tongue SandwichCharlie KlugeTeen Tape
128Messiah '97 MJAA513I am a DoorkeeperLonnie SilberlingTeen Tape
129Messiah '97 MJAA516Beware the Banana PeelKevin SolomonTeen Tape
130Messiah '98 MJAA2The Coming War Between Israel & SyriaDavid Dolan
131Messiah '98 MJAA3Why I am not a ChristianMurray Silberling
132Messiah '98 MJAA5Jewish Customs - The Missing LinkAlan Levine
133Messiah '98 MJAA8Turning the Tide in Spiritual WarfareJudah Hungerman
134Messiah '98 MJAA11Our Sacred HonorBruce Cohen
135Messiah '98 MJAA21The Olive Tree (Romans 1:1)David Fleischer
136Messiah '98 MJAA26The Mystery of the Bride and BridegroomJonathan CahnJewish Wedding customs picture relationship of the bride of Messiah
137Messiah '98 MJAA31Mysteries of the Torah and the Haftorah CycleDavid RosenbergTorah reading cycle point to clues about Yeshua's life in the gospels
138Messiah '98 MJAA39Romans: The Good News is Truly JewishGlenn Blank
139Messiah '98 MJAA40Ruth to Romans: God's Plan for World RedemptionRick SmithThe role of gentiles in God's history of redemption
140Messiah '98 MJAA43Celebrating the ShabbatRich NicholPractical guidelines for celebrating the Sabbath

Tape #TitleSpeaker Message Summary
141Messiah '98 MJAA44Echad: The Triune Nature of GodFrank LowingerExplains how the concept of Echad better conveys God's nature than the trinity concept does
142Messiah '99 MJAA2Revealing Messiah to IsraelAvi Mizrachi
143Messiah '99 MJAA5The Messiah vs Mysticism & New AgePhil SharpThe Biblical teaching about Messiah vs New Age Teachings
144Messiah '99 MJAA6Reaching Our People for MessiahStephen Katz
145Messiah '99 MJAA15Messianic Judaism and TorahBarry RubenThe importance of Torah in our messianic lifestyle- it is foundational!
146Messiah '99 MJAA21Fire on the MountainJonathan CahnA Messianic rabbi brings the gospel to India for the first time in almost 2000 years
147Messiah '99 MJAA33The MenorahGeorge HollandTeachings on the meaning and symbolism of the Menorah
148Messiah '99 MJAA38God's Timepiece to the End of DaysJudah Hungerman
149Messiah '99 MJAA40The Messianic Jew & the TorahRick SmithThe importance of Torah in our messianic lifestyle- it is foundational!
150Messiah '99 MJAA43The Meaning of the ScapegoatJim AppelWhat is the meaning and purpose of the Scapegoat on the Day of Atonement?
151Messiah '99 MJAA47After the Holocaust - the Road to ForgivenessRose PriceTestimony of a Holocaust survivor
152Messiah '99 MJAA48Mikveh - Cleansing WatersFrank LowingerAn explanation of the Jewish background to Mikveh - Baptism
153Messiah '99 MJAA202Evening Service MessageDavid Chernoff
154Simcha '98 CPMNAWhat to do when you feel God hates youMichael RydelnikStudy in the book of Ruth 1
Theme of Conference: Finding Joy in an Joyless World
155Simcha '98 CPMNAWho will meet my needs?Michael RydelnikStudy in the book of Ruth 2
Theme of Conference: Finding Joy in an Joyless World
156Simcha '98 CPMNACocooning or Communing?Michael RydelnikStudy in the book of Ruth 3
Theme of Conference: Finding Joy in an Joyless World
157Simcha '98 CPMNAHow does God deliver us?Michael RydelnikStudy in the book of Ruth 4
Theme of Conference: Finding Joy in an Joyless World
158Simcha '98 CPMNAThe Faith of a Shady LadyRich Freedman Theme of Conference:
Finding Joy in an Joyless World
159Simcha '98 CPMNAWhy did 6,000,000 die?Noel RaybinMaking sense of the Holocaust
Theme of Conference: Finding Joy in an Joyless World
160Simcha '98 CPM
NASatisfy your spiritual thirstMitch Glaser Theme of Conference:
Finding Joy in an Joyless World